FREE Wax Tart Melts from LitVillageCo

LitVillageCo is a new small business looking to gain exposure to their products. They sell handcrafted Candles & wax tart melts. They’re 100% soy wax, slow burning, high fragranced, unique products.

Best way to gain exposure? Social media!

For a limited time, they are offering FREE Wax Tart melts samples for simply sharing ANY post from their social media page.

Posts on the social media page are various products they have

How it works :

1.) “Like” them on Facebook. (more freebies & giveaways coming!)

2.) Choose ANY (ONE) post from their timeline & share it to yours so that your friends will see it.

3.) Send them a message on their Facebook Profile, showing a screenshot that you shared a post, and include your shipping address and which sample you would like!

(There are THREE freebies you can choose from – Lavendar Scented Gummy Bear shaped , Juicy Spring melon scented Gummy Bear Shape, or Vanilla iced coffee with real coffee beans!)

Thats it!


— > Go to their Facebook page, share a post & MESSAGE them!

***Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping times***

Comment below once you claim yours!

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  1. How awesome is it that you can get a chance to try before you buy. God bless giving people. I use ways everyday and would love to try.

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