Join Long Game Rewards & Play Games To Earn!

The mobile app called “Long Game Rewards” is now accepting new users to play games and earn REAL Cash (or crypto if you wish).

Long Game Rewards is a personal finance app that rewards users for setting aside money in a savings account by allowing them to unlock games of chance that could potentially add to their savings/stash. So youre creating a “savings” on the app, and your winnings contribute to the “savings” which can be cashed out whenever.


1.) Download the app.

** Android Users : DOWNLOAD HERE


2.) Open the App & Register your account. (It’s FREE)

3.) Confirm your account. (Via code)

4.) Link your bank account. (It will not charge you!!) — Bank partners also include: Aspiration, Varo, Lili, Chime, SoFi, Oxygen, Albert, etc.

5.) Once youre done with the above 4 steps – you can Claim Your FIRST REWARD!

IF you wanted to participate in the referral program, you’ll Earn $5 for each new friend that uses your link to join! (Not required, but an optional way to earn extra.)

Get Started Today!

This is available for both Android & iOS users!

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