The Legal Helpers – Financial Relief Program

The Legal Helpers is a program designed to help those needing some financial relief.

Go to the website, fill out the short form and see what can be done on your behalf.

Click “start now”

Enter in the type of debt — ( Medical expenses, Divorce, credit card debt, foreclosure, poor budgeting, job loss leading to financial struggles, unexpected expenses popping up, or if your salary has been reduced. Click the one that applies to yourself.)

Next Page, enter in the nearest amount of debt you are in.

Then, your total monthly income.

The last page is your basic information. (Including Name, email, address, phone number, etc.) Then click submit.

You’ll typically hear back from them within a day or so, tops.

— > Fill out the Application HERE <–

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to reach out and let us know using the Contact Us tab.