Springboard America – Voicing Your Opinion

Springboard America is a platform that has been around for several years & simply put, they pay their members for their opinion & feedback on a variety of topics.

With the data (answers) collected by users, they share that information in boardrooms, government, media,etc. (Not YOUR information. Just information collected from ALL users as a whole, on a topic)

Members’ time, and opinion is valuable, so you will receive compensation for your time spend on these surveys/tasks. Members can also receive invites for other research activities, focus groups, reviews, etc.

Compensation on each task will vary – but the amount you will earn will be displayed on your dashboard prior to participation. Once finished, you may redeem your earnings via Paypal, Virtual Mastercard, Amazon, iTunes, etc. (there’s several options to choose from)

***Once you sign up, you will receive an email. Click on the link in the email to confirm your email address & you will be prompted to create a password to your account. This step is very important to secure your account!

Interested in Joining Springboard America?


1.) Click HERE to be taken to Springboard America to sign up.

2.) CONFIRM your email & set up your password

3.) Log back into Springboard America to get started today.