Prime Insights – Survey Rewards

Several companies pay you for taking online surveys. Prime Insights is one of the current highest paying survey companies available for you to earn extra cash from, simply for taking online surveys and answering polls, solely based on your own opinion. Theres no right or wrong answer on Prime Insights.

From your shopping habits to your political thoughts, your favorite brands to the football team you support, your opinions are valuable, and businesses are willing to pay for them.

New users will get a $5 Sign-Up Bonus for becoming a new member!

Simply follow these steps:

1.) Use this link – and sign up.

2.) Confirm your email

3.) Once logged in, click on the first “survey” available. (Its only 6 multiple choice questions about yourself!)

**Now you can continue to take more surveys, and get paid!

Youll earn points for the surveys you do, which convert to cash or gift cards. Several options are available and shown on the website under the rewards tab!