Get Paid To Watch Viral Videos With the VeeU App!


“VeeU” is a relatively new mobile app (available on android & iOS) that is Paying Users to watch viral videos on the app! Similar to the funny videos you watch on Youtube, or the Videos you see while scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed.. Might as well get paid to watch them, right?

VeeU offers two ways to get paid :  Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift Cards – Your Choice! 

When you sign up below, you will receive a “new user bonus!” 

Once you are Registered on the app, simply Click on the little “home” icon in the bottom of the app to locate the videos, and For EVERY MINUTE you are watching videos, YOU ARE EARNING CASH! There is also other ways you can earn listed on the app. (Worth checking out!) You can see how much you have earning in real time on the “me” screen.

It really is that simple! 







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