FREE Makeup Samples From Samples & Savings!

Samples & Savings is a well-known Freebie/Sample website!

One of the latest offers, is FREE Makeup! Upon signing up, you will have the option between brands (brands vary based on whats offered at the time of signup).

Simply head over to the website, and it’ll ask for your email first, enter it. On the next page, you’ll be asked for your name, then shipping info, DOB, and asked a couple questions on your brands you currently use, as well as how often, etc.

As always, its 100% FREE, no CC info ever needed. Allow shipping time. (will be specified after you submit)

*After you filled out the form, it will let you know the details. From there, it’ll also give you the option to sign up to receive more (non-makeup) related things, which is completely optional. You don’t have to in order to get the makeup products you selected. *



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