Class Settlements –

We see the commercials all the time. “If you were a victim of ___, you may qualify to participate in a class action settlement”. [There’s dozens that we don’t even hear about!]

But, if you personally fit the criteria, have you ever looked into them?

The class action settlements/lawsuits are legit & some find it hard to keep track of where to find the latest info on each one. is an all-in-one platform to keep the settlement listings together & its 100% Free.

Examples of claims you may qualify for include:

1.) If you got injured at work.

2.) Ever used Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

3.) Had a Faulty Hernia Mesh implant.

4.) Diagnosed with Mesothelioma

5.) Ever used Zantac (antacid)

6.) Used baby formula that caused illness in your infant

7.) Lost your hearing while in the military

8.) Diagnosed Parkinsons Disease

9.) Injured by an Insulin Pump

10.) Medical related injury

… And many more! (you’d be surprised)

On ClaimMySettlement, you can create an account (free, of course), and submit the simple (basic) form for whichever one you qualify for. If you need a lawyer (For example, “you’ve been injured at work”) then one will be given to you.

Some will require proof. (Such as medical records for the hernia mesh implant one.) Others do not require you to submit proof. (Its all based on your case)

If you fit the criteria on any of them, APPLY. Once the cases are settled, you may be entitled to some money.

Simply Go HERE & create your free account & see the settlement listings. (apply if you fit the criteria)