Level Rewards- EARN PAYPAL CASH! ($0-$3 needed to start w/ Debit Card)


Level Rewards is an affiliate program that works with thousands of fortune 500 companies such as GameFly, ABC Mouse, GoDaddy, CreditScore.com, Disney Books, Hooked on Phonics, etc. (Just to name a few, there are pages to go through)

These large businesses connect with Level rewards to find new customers and that’s where Level Rewards comes in with their Affiliate Program.

How It Works: 

When you first Join, you will personally need to sign up for a trial or two of your own to check them out. (depending on how many credits the trial is worth – you need enough equal to 1.00 credits. Tons of offers are worth 1.00 credit!) EACH TRIAL YOU DO WILL EARN YOU POINTS! Yes, you will likely need a debit/credit card, but depending on what trials you are interested in, you can find FREE Trials to do, if you wish.


** At this time, there are even a Few Trials that Do Not Require card information at all! Take advantage of this while you can! **

For each 1.00 Credits you receive, you will be eligible to receive $5 per referral. If your referral reaches 2.00 you will be paid $10 per referral. If they reach 3.00 you will receive $15 and so on.

Once your referral is completed with their trial, you can log into your dashboard and claim your paypal (or gift card) prize. Payments are made the same day. You must have at least 1.00 credits to earn money for referring others.


If you do not wish to continue the trial (and have your card charged) you can cancel the subscription before the trial period is over. You can continue to refer if you cancel your subscription!


This website has been verified and we have successfully received payment from them.


Sign Up For Level Rewards Here! 



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