Get The Walmart Money Card & Get Rewarded

Looking for a new card? Check out the Walmart Money Card

Its FREE to order one online. You can have your direct deposits loaded directly to your card, just like you would for any bank, and you can reload and unload money from ANY Walmart store. You can opt for up to $200 overdraft protection as well.

No Monthly Fees, Earn 3% cashback on purchases, earn 2% interest rate on your available balance.. ALL just for being a cardholder! (Not many cards offer all of these benefits for free.)

They’re also offering customers several various bonuses for being a cardholder.

Also – Since its Tax Refund time – if you have your refund deposited into your account, you’ll get a $20 BONUS!

Interested in becoming a cardholder?


** Then you can participate in the referral program too! Earn $5 per friend who also joins!