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Lets Face it – Schooling & Tuition fees can get expensive, Fast! Without a doubt, it’s one of the top reasons that many Americans are not furthering their education.

What if you had the opportunity to further your education and take online courses FREE online! Would you take the opportunity?

“EdX” is a non-profit organization  providing free online courses to over 12 million people worldwide.  You can access over 1500 courses from over 100 leading institutions including Harvard, MIT Microsoft, Berkeley, Columbia, Penn and more. Learn computer programming, data science, business, accounting, engineering,  medicine, life science, Health, Design, Teaching and TONS more. Create a FREE Account & access the LIST of programs available.

1.) You can complete courses on your own time, at your own speed.

2.) No application needed. Just Enroll (free) and you can get started right away.

3.) Upon completion – You will also receive credits to use for Universities & Higher education that are beyond EdX.


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** Disclaimer:  All courses are 100% FREE to take.. Take  courses for FREE with no payment info needed at all. SOME of the courses, at the very end when you have finished, will require a one-time payment to receive the actual certificate by mail. The price typically ranges from $75-$150. Not all courses require this payment at all. You can choose courses that do not require the certificate payment.  Upon enrolling & viewing courses, they will tell you this information ahead of time. Considering the price of tuition for most online schools, this is  nothing since you aren’t paying to take the course.




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