Earn Daily with the Embee Mobile App!

The    Embee Mobile Performance Meter app     pays! You will earn “Meter Points” daily, just for having the app! You dont even have to use it to gain points! You can also participate in the short Surverys/Polls to receive additional points..

There are over 50 gift cards to choose from.. Amazon, Dominos, Walmart, Virtual Visa, etc..

You can cash out with as little as $1, or you can rack them up to get a higher rewards…

1.) You Earn 10 (or more) Points daily… (even if you dont actively use the app!)

2.) Points vary with Surveys/polls

3.) 200 Points to refer your friends.

Just as an example.

Download the Embee Mobile App Now! 

Pay Scale : 

150 points = $1

500 Points = $5

1000 Points= $10

2500 Points= $25


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