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Earn CashBack & Rewards On The “Spent” App!

  Spent is a newer app available on Andriod & iOS  that allows  users to earn cashback with everyday purchases! “Spent” can also aims to help users keep track of their spending/expenses, all you have to do, is snap a photo of your receipts to store them! If you want to earn cash back for

iSurvey World- Take Surveys. Get Paid!

iSurvey World is a new company that pays for your opinion when completing  short surveys and polls! If you’re interested in taking short consumer surveys & giving your opinion  on products, services, brands, etc, and receiving payment via. Paypal, you can Check out iSurvey World & see if this is something you are interested in!

EARN Real Rewards with E-Poll!

  E-Poll is a Survey Company that allows you to Earn REAL Rewards!! Most survey sites are a drag – they take forever, only to find out that you don’t qualify. E-poll runs a bit differently. Each survey you take, you will earn coins. You can then cash those coins out for Paypal Cash or

FREE Stock Shares From the Robinhood App!

  You can now get FREE Stock Shares with the Robinhood App! The stocks are from companies like Apple, Ford, Sprint, Groupon, Facebook, Tesla, and more! Each stock ranges from $3-$150! When you download & Sign Up – You’ll get your First FREE STOCK!!  When you first Sign Up, you will be asked to link

Rate/Review Music On “Slice The Pie” & Earn Paypal Cash!

  You can Get Paid on Slice The Pie for rating and reviewing music from new artists, or well-known artist with new songs, that have yet to be released. Each review you do should take roughly 90 seconds (1.5 mins) and the payment varies. When you first start out you can expect to earn about

Level Rewards- EARN PAYPAL CASH! ($0-$3 needed to start w/ Debit Card)

  Level Rewards is an affiliate program that works with thousands of fortune 500 companies such as GameFly, ABC Mouse, GoDaddy,, Disney Books, Hooked on Phonics, etc. (Just to name a few, there are pages to go through) These large businesses connect with Level rewards to find new customers and that’s where Level Rewards

Earn Daily with the Embee Mobile App!

The    Embee Mobile Performance Meter app     pays! You will earn “Meter Points” daily, just for having the app! You dont even have to use it to gain points! You can also participate in the short Surverys/Polls to receive additional points.. There are over 50 gift cards to choose from.. Amazon, Dominos, Walmart, Virtual

Earn $5 Paypal FREE for Testing the Cnkt App for 15 mins!

  [Expired!] Cnkt is a newer Social Media Platform that allows users to voice their Opinions on Topics, using queries. They have recently introduced new features, and are now running a Promotion that will give each new user $5 Paypal (Paid the Same Day) for testing the app for 15 minutes! To Get started :

Earn Multiple $0.25-$0.50 Instant Payments to Paypal with 1Q!

1Q is a market research company that is always looking for consumers who would like to participate in surveys and give feedback. 1Q isnt the typical survey site, that you always “disqualify” for on certain surveys. 1Q sends you single text messages with a multiple choice question, once you answer that question, they will send